Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hang Ups and Hay

Thanks to our local farm store, we managed to get a wire hanger and lid for the feeder my brother gave us.  Large hooks screwed into the floor joists support the now hanging water and feed under the coop.  The ladies love the dry feed and clean water and we love that we can get at least a 3-day supply in both.  

It seems we've been focused on the coop details forever.  The run was a no-brainer: grass, sand, rocks, done.  Not so.  I had NO idea how quickly the ladies would decimate the grass or how much "fertilizer" they would add to the run.  So our next task was to spread some hay.

Pretty, right?

We even added a log playground.  A few old pine logs hold up large branches and make seats for both chickens and children.  An old broomstick turned into a perfect corner roost.  

The ladies love the home improvements and I love that my list is getting shorter.  Nest boxes and roost adjustments is on the construction docket but otherwise, feeding and maintenance are our only chores for the time being.  Katie approves with a wink.

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