Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Indoors

Our homemade brooder is running out of room fast.  We used a 105 quart plastic storage bin.  Added pine shavings, a small poultry waterer and a small poultry feeder.  An old window screen became the lid and an adjustable heat lamp is clipped nearby.  That will suffice until they head to the coop, right?  Maybe not.

Thanks to Mamaw, we have a solution - a thrifted portable pet exercise pen on a cardboard base.  Bird netting lines the metal panels so the little ones can't through the rectangular metal bars. An extra net will be employed when they start getting more than 4 inches off the ground now that they've realized they have wings.  A starter roost comes in the form of dowels stuck through a twig wreath.   And, because of the move downstairs, the heat lamp is still in play at night.

Now let's hope it gets warm enough so that their next home is the actual coop!

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