Monday, May 13, 2013


The chicks aren't babies anymore.  Five weeks old and healthy as can be, our little ones can now be classified as pullets.  A pullet is defined as a "female chicken under one year of age."  There is discussion that you can call them a hen after their first molt or once they start laying eggs.  We're not that concerned about what we call them, just that they come to us when we do.

Our recent changes include graduating to an outdoor waterer and large feeder and mastering the daytime out, nighttime in arrangement of the coop.

I let them out every morning around 7:00 am.  By 6:00 that evening, they are ready for supper and settling back in the coop for the night.  This is especially true if they've been playing with grassy treats or visiting with the kids for hours.

A lowered chicken door seals in them in at night and we start it all over the next day. I think we have some pretty happy hens pullets.

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