Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chicks Three Ways

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step. So, here goes.  I have a chick problem.  It was bad last year.  I ordered eight, came home with sixteen.  This year I was going to do better.  I ordered eight with an even dozen in the horizon, four of those chicks being broilers.  But that's not the way it went down.

Phase I:
Due to an unfortunate delay with my trusty farm store's supplier, the chicks weren't going to arrive in time for the twin's sixth birthday.  The party's theme you ask?  Rabbits and chickens of course.   Enter Tractor Supply's Red Production Hens.  Arrival date March 28, 2014 - approximately 2 weeks old:

There was a minimum of six, so what's a girl to do?  Now I will just pick up my eight at the farm store when they come in.  No biggie.

Phase II:
The hatchery the farm store has used for years pushes back the delivery date again and with no Marans.   My kids each picked a chick of their choice to pre-order this year.  I ordered some broilers, thinking my kids should know where those nuggets actually come from.  Then I ordered the two dark chocolate brown egg laying beauties I had been coveting for 6 months.  No, not happening.  Enter Shook Poultry.

I had researched chickens for over three years and then I just happen to meet a young lady who just happens to have a Maran pullet who just happens to have picked it up from a local poultry house not twenty minutes away and they have a new hatch the following week of Marans only days after I receive the news that I will not be getting mine.  Coincidence or fate?  I choose fate, and far too many chicks. I needed a few Welsummers and Columbian Wyandottes too.  Eight more chicks.  Arrival date April 16, 2014 - one day old.

Phase III:
The farm store.  Oh yes, there are still more coming.  Chicks chosen by my wonderful children, chicks that were ordered and paid for in February. Six different breeds in a rainbow of colors including four Red (Freedom) Ranger broilers.  Enter Duan Farm Supply and a dozen more chicks.  Arrival date April 24, 2014 - one day old.

If you are good at math, that's 26 chicks.  Twenty - six.  Plus, add that to the 10 hens I already have and you end up with a whopping three DOZEN chickens.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have a problem.  Next up, where to put the little buggers.

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