Thursday, May 8, 2014

Breathing Room

My dad built me an amazing hutch last spring with plenty of room, for two rabbits.  Now there are nine.  So, we decided to let the five oldest buns experience a little bit of the great outdoors while Jellybean and the adopted kits had a reprieve from the overcrowding.

The oldest are still too small to be let out in the kennel with it's 2 x 2 square openings so the handy dandy exercise pen was once again put into service.

They weren't really sure at first what was going on.

Shortbread decided to hold very, very still.

Fudge was wary but hungry.

Cookie Pie and Buttercream stuck together.

My oldest kept an eye on Jellybean's oldest while the little wild buns enjoyed an empty hutch.

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