Monday, February 23, 2015

Lovey and Loss

We lost Lovey.  She was one of the chickens that made me fall in love with chickens and Maddie's chick of choice.  We aren't sure if it was a coyote a hawk.  Her little leghorn frame of about 3 pounds and her bright white feathers makes both a possibility and the groups of feathers didn't add any more clues.

We lost three more with still no idea as to what is taking them and all within the week.  Tiny and Fluffernutter just disappeared and Cat left behind another group of feathers.  We were convinced it was coyotes for a while but then heard the chickens pitching a fit just the other day.  When I peaked outside a huge hawk flew over as they all ran for the trees.

Whether the predators have moved on or the chickens have gotten smarter, the losses have stopped. The flock is 19 strong and seems to be thriving.  In the meantime, Maddie has adopted Winnie, our silver Wyandotte, and seems to be taking Lovey's loss much better than I am.  Now to decide if clipping wings are worth keeping the ladies in their run.  Any ideas are always appreciated!

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