Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Hutch

For a while I managed four hutches with 10 rabbits.  Now I'm down to one hutch and 3 rabbits.  My husbands says I'm cruel.  Not for setting the wild adopted rabbits free who I still put out feed for and are finally growing again.  Not for selling the twin boys who Jelly Bean had in the spring.  No.  I'm cruel because I neutered Oreo, our buck.

According to my husband, and I quote, "You've taken away the one thing he was REALLY good at!". I admit that Stephen has a point.  I realize that most sayings referencing rabbits are about the one thing that Oreo is no longer able to do.  Given that, I feel no guilt whatsoever.

Oreo, like most neutered animals, has picked up some weight and his temperament is fantastic. The procedure had a quick recovery time and was relatively inexpensive. Oreo has realized that things don't work how they used to but seems to be okay with the trade off.  Not counting all the attention and extra treats he received after surgery.

The rabbits loved their new setup and I only had to clean, water, feed and heat one group of buns. It was nice to see all three snuggled up without the concern that more are on their way.  But paradise was short lived.

It seems Jelly Bean is experiencing hormonal issues and refuses to let Shortbread anywhere near Oreo.  Shortbread, also a female, loves to dig and figured out that tunnels made a quick escape to greener pastures.  After covering her tunnels and placing Shortcake back in the lot, I figured out it wasn't only the lack of grass that was the issue.  Jelly Bean attacked her sending fluffs of white fur through the lot.  I managed to move Shortbread to the ducks' run for the short term.  Now how to handle the females.  According to online sources, either Shortbread has come of age and/or one of the two are in heat.  Either way, the aggression is there and my dream of one hutch may be over.

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