Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The boys are causing headaches again.  We are back up to three drakes because everyone couldn't place nice at the new home.  The roosters are becoming overly protective of the ladies and now I have to literally watch my back when I collect eggs.  And, I'm struggling with the idea of actually having to butcher my birds.

As beautiful as the roosters are, no one in our area is interested in feeding a chicken that doesn't lay. The recipe for duck that I've been given is "cook them on a cedar plank, throw away the duck, eat the plank".  So now, as a meat eater, there is the hypocrisy of having animals that I refuse to eat but buying their counterparts in the meat department of my local grocery store.

How do you justify feeding a farm animal that doesn't serve a purpose other than being really cute when they swim in the water trough or having beautiful feathers? More importantly, how can you justify not butchering an animal when it may cause a threat to you or your children if it gets more aggressive?      

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