Friday, April 12, 2013

Equal Opportunity

Hatch day arrives, and our box is full of beautiful little chicks. On Mark's recommendation, we ordered three different breeds:

Golden Comet:  A modern brown egg laying hybrid that mature early and start laying earlier than most hens.  They are quiet, small chickens which don't mind close confinement.  Eight of these little beauties came home with us.

Buff Orpington:  Excellent dual-purpose chickens who are known to be docile, sweet birds and who make wonderful pets.  More brown eggs are expected out of our four little girls.

Araucana/Ameraucana: Blue or green eggs?  Yes, please.  These friendly, active, multi-colored chicks are beautiful.  Although probably a hybrid of the true Araucana, who can resist eggs which are already colored for Easter?  Four of these little beauties are in our new flock.

But wait, three more joined in.  One for each of our little chickens:

Black Sex Link:  Jack's hardy, friendly bird who is an excellent egg layer. Welcome, "Sunny Side Up".

Golden Laced Wyandotte:  Kate chose an ugly little booger. But when she grows up, every one of her golden feathers will be lined with black making "Lacey" very fancy indeed.  Not to mention, she will be excellent layer and super friendly.

White Leghorn: Last but certainly not least is Maddie's little "Love".  So maybe her breed is likely to be less tame, possibly nervous, and generally unfriendly. Sometimes you have to give up a little for looks.  This pale yellow chick will become a beautiful white hen weighing in at a mere 3 and 5 pounds.  

Nineteen chicks. Six different breeds.  Now to watch them grow.

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