Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chicks A-Plenty

January 2013
Candy: I've read the books and done the research.  I really want some chickens.  
Stephen: Okay. We'll need a coop.
Candy:  Eight is a good number.  Let's get eight.  
Stephen: Better get a dozen, in case we loose a few.  

February 2013
Candy: A dozen chicks.
Mark from the Farm Store: You might want to get 16, in case you loose a few.

Candy: I ordered sixteen.
Stephen: Okay.  We'll need a bigger coop.

April 4, 2013 
Candy: Here to get our sixteen chickens!  Are you sure we can do this?
Mark: You'll do great.  Is it alright if I let the kids pick out one each of their very own?

Candy: We've got nineteen day old chicks.
Stephen: <silence>

Thankfully, we not lost a few.  We've not lost any.  Which means we currently have 19, week old, baby chickens.  Which means we could be looking at a possible 70+ eggs a week if the girls decide to rock our world.  Nineteen.  That's how many chicks. 

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