Saturday, April 27, 2013

Packed Poultry

The girls went mobile.  Six of them anyway.  Packed up with their original brooding bin filled with shavings, a cardboard box, the small waterer and a plastic zip bag of feed.  The cardboard box made a nice cozy in-route transporter while the bin was plenty of room for just six to be watched, fed and held.   Lacey, Lovey, Sunny Side Up, Fancy, Goldie and Buffy represented each breed nicely.

Cub Scouts used info sheets to make it a lesson. The scouts learned all about the different breeds and practiced identifying each.  Chicken math followed figuring how many eggs the ladies would produce annually. The boys each got to feed and hold at least one chick which was followed by lots of hand washing. A good night's sleep in between and then the girls were off to preschool.

Tiny hands fed the ladies their breakfast.  We learned the different parts of each chicken, what they ate and how to hold them.  Holding was a hit and the little ones were amazingly gentle for four and five year olds.  Buffy was the super star roosting on little arms while Goldie was picked up over and over again because she was the smallest.

We said our goodbyes and I think the ladies were more than happy to join the rest of the flock for a good nap after all their adventures.

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