Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring's Sprung

Spring chickens aren't the only thing we've been working on.  Our garden made a big move over to the chicken coop side of the property.  Raised beds full of new soil and organic compost will hopefully give our little seeds a happy, weed-free existence.  Thanks to some warmer weather, tiny leaves are starting to multiply.

Spring greens are up and growing fast with mustard, turnip and collard in the mix.  We added radishes on the advice of an older gentleman at the farm store.  Apparently the bugs don't care for the radishes and will leave the rest of your greens alone.  Spinach and lettuce leaves are peeking through next to the three varieties of potatoes: red, white and yukon gold.  The spring onions are taking root, both sweet yellow and purple while couple Early Girls along with one little Lemon Boy will get us started with tomatoes before a few more varieties join the fun when it gets a bit warmer.  Next up, some yellow crook-neck squash, pickling cucumbers and green bean seeds will go in this week after a bit more soil is added to our deep bed. We just have to keep Oreo out of beds and back in the clover.

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