Sunday, April 21, 2013

So Fluffy

Dear Family,

I'd like you to know that I am in fact, still here.  The peeping, pooping, little balls of feathers seem to be getting all the love.  I understand that you built me an exit ramp, but let's be honest - that was just to test the ramp construction for the precious "babies".  The new roofing on my hutch - leftovers from the construction of the chicken mansion.  And, the expanded lot?  Am I really going to be sharing my space with pecking poultry?  

Yes, I did escape this weekend.  I'm a guy, it's spring and there was a hole in the fence gate that you forgot to cover.  There are LADIES in those woods - rabbits gone wild ladies!  You caught up with me, so no harm no foul, right?

As the most low maintenance pet that you own, I would just like to remind you of my awesome.  I'm cute and fluffy.  I will sit your laps and let those crazy kids pretty much do whatever they want to me.  I can be left to my own devices for days at a time with just a bit of food and water.  My favorite treat is free vegetation out of the yard. I am absolutely PRECIOUS when I clean my ears and nose. And, I play well with others including that one dog who looks like he wants to eat me most of the time.  Did I mention that I was fluffy?

In conclusion, throw some of that attention towards the hutch. I need some press to.   I'm not just coming up to the lady who feeds me to check out her orange toenails. 


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