Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bird Whisperer

Our nineteen chicks double in size what seems like every day.  Nineteen chicks equals nineteen chickens. That's a lot of chickens.

I am thinking that once they get older going down to an even dozen may be a more feasible plan?  They will be ready to lay and could easily fetch $10+ a piece according to Mark at the Farm Store. We have eight Golden Comets chicks, so we could easily part with 6 or 7 of those, right?


My girls decided to be IN the chicken play pen this time around. Are the Aruacanas, Leghorn or Wyandotte on their laps and shoulders?  No. It's the goldens of the group that have decided not only to be the projected best layers but also the best pets.   Kate declared that she is "like those professional bird people" as she holds one chick on her hand like a parrot and the other nestles in for a nap on her leg.  These chickens aren't going anywhere.

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