Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bugs Be Gone

Although we aren't certified organic, we try to keep chemicals out of our garden as best we can.  Our favorite method is companion planting.  The new discovery this year - radishes mixed in with your spring greens.

Other successful experiments have been garlic cloves planted next to egg plants, basil by tomatoes and the all star bug-fighter, marigolds.  My favorite are the orange ones but not matter what color, these flowers send mosquito  flies, aphids, beetles and even tomato worms running.  Other favorite repellent plants include sage, rosemary, onions and lavender which repel bugs and have other uses, too.

Catnip and mint varieties also work on your common garden bugs but they can spread and reseed so use with care or keep them contained.

When plants won't cover the bug bases, a self-rising flour dusting is a good start.  This is especially effective on squash and cucumber plants.  Sometimes we are forced into a dish soap spray (liquid dish soap diluted with regular tap water in a spray bottle).  The little creepy crawlers really don't like this.  Just be careful not to overdo it on your plants.  You want the little leaves to still be able to breathe. 

Of course this won't guarantee a bug free environment, but here is hoping for less bugs and more vegetables in our gardens!

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