Monday, March 2, 2015

Recipe Threats

With a late batch of new chicks this year, our new eggs were expected late.  What we didn't expect was unseasonably cold temperatures and dark cloudy days interrupting what little sunshine we did have.  After only a couple of new eggs out of our ladies egg production ground to a complete halt. I blamed it on molting, the extra cold temperatures, short daylight hours and quite honestly whatever else I could come up with.  My husband started threatening the flock with dumpling recipes.

But things are starting to look up.  We started seeing an increase in egg production including the addition of light brown eggs here and there for about a week.  I'm not sure if it was that the extra light from the heat lamp added to the girls' instinct to lay or if the apple cider vinegar, extra grit and extra oyster shell spurred the production.  Maybe the fact that Stephen moved onto chicken casserole recipes was the catalyst. What started with four a day has moved to at least a dozen a day from our 19 hens.

Hopefully a trend begins of nest boxes full of eggs and fewer chicken casserole discussions.  But now what to do with all these eggs?

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