Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Carolina Red Clay

It's been a busy year, so busy that my last blog post was in March.  About that time, our family started an exciting project that has surrounded us with red clay since.

In the fall of last year a timber company came through and harvested 100+ acres of pine trees behind our property.  They cleared almost an acre of pines for us at the same time.  After clearing the underbrush we finally had a grader come in, dig up over 40 stumps and cut in a new gravel drive. The plan was to move all the animals out in the newly graded area and create a little farm.

We decided to stick with the housing we had but it would have to move.  So much easier said than done.  Our grader assured us he could move our existing 10' x 20' building.  It ended up on it's side.

After many calls, signed releases and outright pleading, a company that specializes in moving buildings managed to the building across the culvert. 

Mom and I decided that we could move the large coop with "runners".  That didn't turn out so well either. Thankfully a local contractor came to the rescue along with his Skid Steer. Oh, what I could do with one of those beauties!  Dad stepped in with a tractor to move the other coop and doghouse. With fence panels in place we have a little farm taking shape.  The building needs repairs but things are starting to pull together.  We have four lots within a 30' x 30' area, one each for the ducks, rabbits, chickens and dogs.

The hens spread mulch and worked up straw in their pen.  It was necessary to even up the baked ground and cut some of the heat.  

The ducklings were not nearly as helpful but were too adorable to fuss at.  

Shade has been an issue but an old 10' x 10' canopy is standing in for future fruit trees. Grass is slowly replacing the red clay everywhere but inside the pens, of course.  There is still a lot to work to do to reach our dream farm model but I love the new setup and will hopefully share more updates soon!

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